Sunday, September 29, 2013

UCTD and migraine update

A whole lot has been going on since my last post. First of all, where did summer go? It was here and gone~ just like that. Luckily I had no major UCTD issues this summer. I did have a fair amount of migraines. One (they last 3-6 days)every 3 weeks or so. Sadly, they just take me out. I can do nothing buy take my meds, and they make me tired, and rest. I've also been doing more research on natural treatments for migraines and thought some of them worked.
I have added butterbur, riboflavin, d3 and oil of oregano to my diet. For a while, this combination along with my evening Plaquenil seemed to reduce the severity of the migraine. Then, 2 migraines ago, wham....a migraine to beat all migraines. Blurred vision, stiff neck, nausea and just plain sick.
I have been reading about Black Seed Oil and see that it has rave reviews in regards to migraines. What the heck, I decided to buy some and give it a try. I searched many websites for instructions on the best method to mix the Black Seed Oil. The one I found had me mix 50/50 black seed oil and good quality honey. Take 1 tsp. of the mixture 3 times a day. A tsp. is a lot. This "shtuff" doesn't taste good at all. Have a juice chaser handy. Also, rub some on your forehead, temples and neck. Put some in each nostril and breathe too. After the initial dose, the migraine eased off to a point where it was barely noticeable. I was even able to work. After the second dose a few hours later, my migraine was completely gone. Was this a fluke? I sure hoped it wasn't. A couple of days later I could feel the onset of another migraine. I'm pretty sure the change in weather is what was bringing this one on. Immediately I took my first dose of black seed oil and honey. I decided to take an Epsom salt bath too until it had time to do its magic. Oh man, it wasn't a fluke. It was nearly gone within 30 minutes. I took a second dose later that afternoon and it was gone and I haven't had one since.
Most of the information I read on black seed oil has you taking 1 tsp of just the black seed oil daily (no honey). Only use the honey when you have a migraine. I'm not sure exactly what honey has to do with it, but who cares? Whatever works, right? Also, for the migraines, only use the oil for the migraines. It is quickest and most potent. I am going to purchase the vegetable caps of black seed oil for my daily use. Please, please...let this be the answer to these nasty migraines.

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  1. When you experience migraine headaches due to environmental changes, then I believe oils can give you an instantaneous relief. However, for other triggers such as hormones and diet, then I think you'll need a different approach to relieve it. So, I think it's safe to say that while oils can help, they will not always be the answer to headaches. Nonetheless, thanks for sharing us an update! All the best!

    Agnes Lawson @ MedWell Spine