Monday, February 11, 2013

Processed and hidden dangers of food

I don't know if you've seen all the news about processed foods and "hidden" chemicals that are going in to our foods, but let me tell you, I am sick to my stomach that our FDA allows this to happen. Several countries have outlawed these foods or chemicals in their food. Why are we not outlawing it? Money? With diet foods, health foods and exercise equipment, along with commercials about getting healthy and losing weight, we are an obese society. Cancer, heart disease, autoimmune diseases running rampant. But here we are..sick. The more I look at food and read labels, the worse it becomes. I just recently became aware of a product called BVO. This is Brominated Vegetable Oil and is used in citrus drinks. Mt. Dew, Orange Crush and Gatorade are just a few examples that have BVO. BVO has been banned in over 100 countries. BVO is a chemical used for a number of products, from one of the chemicals that treat surfaces for light-sensitive photographic printing papers, as an additive for gasoline, to agricultural fumigants. At one time, bromine was even used to make sedatives, but then the FDA banned its usage around 1975, as it was found to trigger a whole host of psychiatric disorders.

See article regarding BVO.

SInce information on BVO's aired on Dr. Oz, Pepsico has since decided to remove BVO from its products. However, there are several companies out there that are not. It is not only in our drinks, it is in our baked goods and pasta.

Time to take a more proactive approach to the other "hidden' dangers in our food. The FDA is not doing their job in keeping us safe.


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