Monday, September 24, 2012

Eating clean with UCTD and Migraines~

I blew it last week! I overindulged in vanilla cookies and set off a migraine to beat all migraines. I have been fairly careful with what I eat and I limit the amount of sugar I eat. However, I just HAD to have those cookies. Then to top it off, I had some salty crackers. So bad!!! Darn cravings anyhow~

Saturday night was the worst of the migraine. It woke me around 3 AM. I tried to sleep a bit longer, but at 4 AM I had to get up to take my meds. While I was waiting for my meds to kick in, I watched a recorded Dr. Oz show. Just my luck, a woman was on Dr. Oz that suffered from worse migraines than I get. I just can't imagine anything worse. She explained a "clean eating" diet that helped get rid of her migraines. She had visited Dr. Joel Fuhrman. He suggested a diet that is for a "Super Immunity." He has several books and a great website.

I decided that this way of eating needs to be investigated. With having UCTD and migraines, I figured I have nothing to lose. Dr Fuhram has several clients that has been able to get rid of their migraines or at the very least decrease them in frequentcy.

So with that being said, I bought 2 of his ebooks. Today is my first day trying a new way to eat. I did my grocery shopping this morning. I purchased cabbage, broccoli, mushrooms (which I hate), oranges and lettuce. I have plenty of fruits, tomatoes and squash in my freezer to use in his recipes. I figure I will use the mushrooms in soups. That way I can use my hand blender and blend them up so I don't taste them. At all.

So far today, I've had an omelet. I'm not sure if I'll eat lunch. My stomach is upset from my migraine medicine. I do have my iced tea with a stevia leaf. (See older posts for Stevia) Tonight, I plan on having a huge salad with cucumber, tomato and broccoli. I may have just a smidge of the lasagna I'm making the kids. As for dessert, I need to make the banana oatmeal bars for myself. It is time to cleanse this body of toxins.

Check back with me tomorrow for more results.

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  1. I'm finding the idea of "clean eating" very interesting. I think we have underestimated the value of a good diet for far too long, and we're suffering the consequences. It would be wonderful if your migraines disappeared, wouldn't it? :-)