Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Running with UCTD

I've hit a milestone! Two years ago, I had several doctor's tell me that I would probably not be able to run again. I was in such bad shape from the UCTD. It hit me hard and fast. At that time, I was sleeping most of the day to forget about the pain. Well, guess what? I am nearly able to run 2 miles without stopping. I can't do the big hills in our neighborhood yet, but I will. A few months before I was diagnosed, I was up to 3 miles, several days a week. 7 years ago, I would run 5-7 miles several days a week. Then slowly, things started going downhill from there. 
I am happy I can do 2 miles. I'm making a point of looking forward to what I can do, instead of looking back at what I "was" doing. Celebrating my accomplishment with a healthy smoothie! 
One of my doc's told me that I am making incredible progress. He never thought I'd make it this far and in a short amount of time. If 2 years is a short amount of time, then go figure~!!! I was also told that I shouldn't expect too much, too fast. Give myself 3-5 years to get things under control for the most part. After I finish this, I am sending a "thank you" note to my oncologist. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here. He took that "one step further" approach with me and was able to find a way to get around the bs to get further testing. I just love that guy! I see him once a year now, but I do keep him updated. I wish more doc's were more understanding and willing to stick their necks out for people like me. 

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