Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back at it, almost!

Don't you love when you have a head full of ideas, but getting them all out and blogged takes time? My head is swimming with thoughts and ideas. I do this at this time of year! My youngest child, Katie, started 10th grade yesterday. That means time to "purge" the house before the holiday's set in. We all know how fast that will arrive. Here is my "to-do" list before October. 
Empty, clean and go through each and every item in our pantry. Make a master list of items that are low, or gone. Organize pantry for the umpteenth time. I usually don't bother with it much in the summer. With one on summer break, one that works full-time, with an odd shift and the hubby with his schedule, it is impossible to keep up with it.
It is that time of year to clean my closet and get rid of any clothes that do not fit, are old, or I just don't like anymore. I have a laundry basket in my closet that I keep for items that I know  is out-of-here! It is full and running over. Most of it is outgrown clothes from the kids. 
Start and finish Christmas projects. This makes seven years of making calendars for family and friends. They expect them now and remind me that the calendars are about to come to an end. 
We will close our pool in two weeks. Get it done before winds and cold set in. We've closed as late as mid-October, but the high winds would take hold of our plastic and it was hard to keep in place. 
Decide which cookies will be made for Christmas. I usually do a dozen different kinds. 
I am positive there will be school functions coming up. 
Do you have your schedule/list started?

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