Sunday, March 25, 2012

Using canned Chipotle

I love spicy food, however, I do not like sweating through a meal. I've found that adding canned Chipotle's to food is wonderful, but you can over-do it. Here's a solution for you.  Place the entire can of Chipotle's in a food processor and pulse until smooth. Seeds, juice and all. Pour contents into a freezer container. Freeze!  Whenever I need Chipotle, I break off about 1 Tbsp. and add it to my recipe. That seems to be just enough heat for us. 1 can goes a long way~
Uses for Chipotle.

Mix with sour cream for a dipping sauce
Add to a pot roast with a little red wine and bake until roast shreds
Add to chicken in the slow cooker until chicken shreds


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