Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Frustrated beyond belief

You would think that with small businesses closing every day, business owners would have better customer care and do everything they can to fix a problem with their product. Well, I'm here to tell you, that is not the case. So many are too complacent! I have two such business owners that have now tested my patience! We had new counter tops installed last year. I love the color and the look of them. Within 8 months of being installed, the counter split in a corner where there was no seam. We've had several company inspectors in to view their product and they came to the conclusion that it isn't their product. It is the problem of the installer. We have called the installer. He blames the split on the product. Back and forth. Back and forth. At this point, I don't care who fixes the counter, but let's get this fixed. I haven't heard from our installer since mid-last week. Time to make another phone call.
Next on my list of poor business owner's is the business that is fixing my son's car. My son wrecked his car on the 24th of January and we were told at that time it would be 3-4 weeks in the shop. Two weeks ago all the parts had come in. This past Friday, the car was finally put on the lifts and they told our son it was going to be stripped down and started. Here we are 5 days later, and when my son stopped to look at it today, nothing had been wasn't stripped down or started! Saturday will be 5 weeks. So, we are now looking at a 6-7 week time frame. This is putting us in limbo now. With one kid that works, he needs my car at night to get to work. The youngest is supposed to start driver's ed on Monday. I have to see if she can attend the morning class, as I do not have a car in the evenings.
I'm tired! I'm frustrated! I'm angry! Is there any kind of work ethic out there anymore?

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