Tuesday, May 17, 2011


All I can say is ugh, not again~~!!!! The same eyebrow that starting falling out last year has done it again. Not quite as bad, but it leaves a big bald spot that I have to fill in. It just filled in nicely. If I wasn't so aggravated with doctors and all the needles that have been stuck in me, I'd have these buggars tattooed on~today! Other than that, I'm feeling pretty good. I am enjoying the nice weather and that I have the ability to get outside. Having been stuck in this house all last Spring and Summer, I am thankful that I can get out. I also love that I can run again. Not nearly as far as before, but it is something. On days that the knees can't handle the pain, I can get in a nice walk. I love to look at all the flowers and birds in the neighborhood. Not too many new symptoms with the UCTD, but the one that is the most annoying is the tingling in my fingers around 5 AM. For some reason this is the time that my hands want to fall asleep or just send pain signals up my arms. I figure this is my morning alarm clock~might as well start the day. The only other symptom that is revving up a bit is the memory loss. Most of the time I just don't worry about it. I can't remember names of things, for example, the word salad was lost on me yesterday. In my mind I can see what I want, but I can't find the names. My online dictionary is "down" for a bit~Last week, on one of the days that I had done too much, I was talking to my husband and couldn't figure out why he was in Indiana. It bothered me that I thought he should be at home. You see, he has been working in Indiana several days a week for 6 years. I felt horrible that I worried him. No wonder he bought me a GPS...I may end up using it yet...thank goodness for the "home" button~
One day at a time~

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  1. You have been an inspiration to so many people. I always look for your humor each morn to start my day. Yes Beth you do inspire. Im greatful to call you friend.