Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back to running

After nearly a year, I am finally able to get back outside and run. It isn't a fast run, but it's a run. It isn't a long run, but it was long enough for me, to start. I enjoyed seeing all the neighborhood people. Startled a few that were driving somewhere. They're not used to seeing me out and about either and had to "share" the road with me again. All the trees were in bloom and flowers up everywhere. Made me so happy to see the wonder of God's world~ cleared the cobwebs out of the brain and was able to "forget" the unrest that is happening all over the world. If only for a minute. I think we get so bogged down with all that is going on, that we need to get out and just breathe! Take that look around and notice all the good we have around us too. Turn off the news. Sadly, it will be there when we turn it back on. I thank God for what I have. My husband, kids, family, awesome friends, jobs, a nice home, and my health. Well, working on the health thing, but after what I've seen this past year, I do have my health compared to some.
Around lunch, Kevin got the Harley out and we were off for about 4 hours. Have you ever noticed, on very nice days, peoples driving skills are worse than just a normal day? We did. Had a few times yesterday that people texting or on their cell phones, tried to run us off the road. Even with that, it was gorgeous out and some of the back country roads were just beautiful. I don't think I'll ever buy a bike for myself. I enjoy looking around at everything. I'd get easily distracted.
I ended up getting quite a nice burn on my face from riding. We had burgers and dogs on the grill and I know I was out cold by 730. Kevin had a hard time waking me to get me to go to bed. That was a long day for me. Even though I'm feeling better for the most part, a day like this will do me in. I can say 10 hours of sleep has me up and ready to face this day, head on!

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  1. Hi Beth,
    Glad you liked the sandwiches! I feel like all I do is pack lunches. Well actually I don't. I make the food and the kids pack! It is a full time job. Have a great Easter!
    Robin Sue

    PS- good for you on running. I am more of a walker!