Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hitting the treadmill

I have really struggled with exercise since being diagnosed with UCTD. I was getting into a nice routine on the treadmill, and then I caught a cold. I even gave running a shot. Although my doctor said I wouldn't be able to run, I'm adding a little at a time. I'm listening carefully to my body so I do not have a relapse into pain. So far, I'm at a mile. I walk more than I run, but that is okay for now. Next week, I plan on adding another half mile to my program. I generally do not gain weight in the winter, but I'm not taking a chance, so I've started to watch what I eat. I'm carving out the sugar as much as I can stand it. Some of these sugar free products have such a horrible after-taste. A small price to pay, I guess~

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