Sunday, May 2, 2010

Balance Ball issues

I saw a very interesting exercise program the other day that works out your arms. David Hirsch is a trainer to the stars. The video is probably still on line. Well anyhow, he was showing different methods of torture exercises for your arms and back. Most of these looked very easy, and a few I already incorporate into my exercise routines quite often. Who doesn't want nice looking arms? The two routines using the balance ball I had not tried before. Quite honestly, I wouldn't have thought of those. Push-ups with your feet on the balance ball. Sounds easy right? Well, it is NOT.
First, find enough room to be able to roll off the balance ball without getting injured.
Second, put both feet on the ball and assume the plank position. Using your abs (you won't have a choice about that) steady yourself on the ball. Now, do a push up. After rolling off the ball several times, hitting some furniture in the process, I did one. Thinking I had the hang of it, I tried it again. Same problems. The ball has a mind of its own and takes off. Thus, falling on more furniture. I did manage to do 3 within 10 minutes. I did however, work up a sweat just trying to stay on the ball.
The next exercise I did not attempt. It was all I could do to do 3 push ups in plank position. The next exercise was harder. Balance feet on the ball, put your butt up into the air and do an upside down push up. I'm not a slow learner. I know for a fact that this is not going to happen.
If you think I didn't get anything out of this exercise, you're wrong. My abs are killing me (just from trying to balance). The back of my shoulder blades are sore and I have a nice bruise on my leg from hitting the furniture. I think I'll stay with working out with weights to improve my arms. My husband thinks I shouldn't give up so easy. I think he needs to give it a try.                   

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