Sunday, May 2, 2010

30 Day Purge

I hate this time of year. I hate being stuck inside because it is too cold to go out. I feel as if all I do is clean (probably because I do) or if the walls are closing in on me. You see, it hit me. I need to get rid of "stuff". You know the "stuff". The "stuff" that is stuffed in a special drawer. Or the "stuff " that is in the closet behind the shoe tree. Under a dresser (Katie's room). In a closet, cupboard or trunk. The garage is starting to store "stuff" too. When I took mental inventory of all the "stuff " that we don't use, need or want, it was overwhelming to say the least. So, this is what I came up with. A 30 Day Purge. Take one area everyday and find at least one item that can go. Whether it is one drawer, one bin, one closet. Doesn't matter. One place to clean out. Today I'm starting with one bookshelf. The bookshelf with the crayons (that we never use) and Goosebumps books, home improvement books and craft books. I don't think we've taken anything off of this shelf in a year. So that tells me that it is now "stuff " taking up space.

You're probably wondering what can be done with the "stuff " that is going. I have several in mind.

1. AmVets ( they sell items that can be sold and donate the money to the Vets)

2. Freecycle (my favorite )

3. Craigslist (Bowflex needs to go along with some Harley items)

4. eBay (maybe)

5. Yard Sale (we have a neighborhood yard sale in April)

So starting today, it's on. I am on a mission. If you want to keep your "stuff" find a better place to store it. Let's see how many folks can take up this challenge with me.

Good riddance to STUFF.

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