Sunday, May 2, 2010

saw a challenge today on another blog. It had to do with using what you already have in your pantry or freezer and staying out of the grocery store except for milk and eggs for the month of January. I wonder just how hard this could be? I have tons of squash, corn and green beans in my freezer. Thank goodies for the garden this summer. Very low on beef, burger and chicken. I have a lot of 1 meal leftovers in the freezer. The pantry is in sad shape, but do-able. Lots of soup and peanut butter. Pasta is low. Six opened, partial bags of cereal. With that said, I will not be doing the challenge. I just can't invision the kids enjoying veggies and cereal for the next 27 days. We did not work our way up the food chain to be vegetarians!

So, after much consideration, I have come up with a plan for meals. A better menu. I purchased a large planner that has a side panel on each page where I can write down 31 meals. So far I have 16. I do the big shopping every 16 days, so this works for me so far. As I think of meals I can write them down. Next, I filled in the days for which meal we were having. I don't cook on Monday or Wednesday. Those are leftover nights. On nights that Kevin is home, I have home cooked meals. With this said and done, I can adjust the meal night as I please. Just switch a few around to suit my needs.

Next the dreaded grocery list and coupons. Since I know what we have in the pantry now, it should be much easier to see what I have on hand. I do not want my pantry overstocked to the point I can't see what I have.

I am pleased with this method so far.

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