Monday, January 13, 2014

UCTD, Migraines and Black Seed Oil

I'm still on the journey of finding the perfect and natural combination of vitamins and minerals to control these migraines. I have been using the Black Seed Oil for several months now, and the first two migraines went away completely within a few minutes. At the first sign of the migraine, I take a tsp of Black Seed Oil and a tsp of honey mixed together. I do this several times a day. As time went on, it was working less and less. Last week it did not help at all, that I could tell. I have gone from migraines lasting 20+ days a month to 4 days a month. I don't rely solely on the vitamins for reducing the amount. I have also changed my eating habits. So, just maybe it is working in that sense. I have found the Black Seed Oil in a gel cap at Swanson's vitamins. I still try and take this every day. It does cause me to have the "burps"....not too pleasant, I might add.
I'm all but convinced that my migraines are hormone related, even though every specialist says they are connected to my UCTD. It's funny, I get them every 3 weeks like clockwork~hmmmm!!!
I'm considering a hormone balancing tea by Herbs & Oils World.
It's worth a shot. I hope to have better results. I really don't mind a tea, in fact, I love tea. I'll get back to you on this one~

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