Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Sock

Have you ever wondered where in the world all the socks go that disappear in the laundry? Sometimes I've found them behind the washer. This is from a kiddo trying to shoot hoops with their socks and missing. Therefore, not telling me where it went. That would take time out of their day. Once a month I manage to crawl on top of the washer to see what treasures I can find behind it. As I get older, this is not an easy task.

For years, before the new dryer, I thought the dryer ate them. Or some little green monster stole just one of them so I would go nuts looking for them.

How about finding them under the kiddos dresser because they were too busy to find the laundry?

Better yet, Ruber, the sock lover could have dragged it away and got it under the furniture somehow.

I know my kids don't throw them away, because I am constantly seeing them walk around with holes as big as Texas in them and I wonder just how the heck do those socks stay on the feet when they walk. I've seen their entire heel!

Last week I saw my daughter walking around with 2 different socks on. At first I thought she was trying to set a new trend. The look got the better of me, so I asked her. Her reply was "because I can't find the matching one."

Well, I finally saw where my daughter's socks go. Brace yourself, because you are NOT going to believe this one!

I went for my morning walk Monday morning and was thinking about how much it had rained the night before and amazed at the amount of water running down the small gullies in our neighbor's yards. About 3 houses down the street, out of the corner of my eye, I saw it. Black and blue and filthy dirty from being in the gully. My daughter's sock. Just one of them. I'm quite sure the other one is in the washer. I'm taking a guess that the static in the sock caused it to stick inside her shirt or jacket and fell out as she walked to the bus last week. I thought about leaving it there, but they were brand new. I cleaned out most of the mud in the puddle and brought it home. Hopefully the neighbor's didn't see me doing this.

Now here's the kicker. My husband went for his morning run Sunday and saw that same sock and thought it looked familiar. Didn't bother to pick it up and see if it was ours. Daughter saw the sock Saturday afternoon on her way to her friends to play. She didn't bother picking it up because it was dirty. So the task was left to me.

Now I tell you...the dryer is NOT eating the socks. They are being washed away when we have a gully washer! From now on....they can go check the front yard for those missing socks.

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