Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's official...I'm a hoarder

Today I thought would be the perfect day to clean my closet. It's a rainy, dreary day. I decided that it was time for a break. I was starting to show signs of having heart failure. Shortness of breath. Blurry vision and the need to lie down on the floor until the room quit spinning at warp speed. I don't know when it happened, how it happened or why I'm just now noticing my problem. I am a hoarder. Yep, I said it, a hoarder. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is heriditary! My father has it, my grandparent's had it and now I see it in my own house. Katie will be the next victim if I don't stop this habit now!

I found shoes in my closet that I haven't worn in 15 years. They're still in good shape and probably back in style. I will never wear these shoes again! I gave up on high heels years ago. I also have 2 pair that are 20 years old. I do wear these. The soles are good , the leather is not worn at all. The only thing needing replaced were the shoestrings. I'm keeping these. I've cleaned out half the shoe tree. Let me just say, my pop trained me well on hanging on to shoes and shirts until they can no longer be held on. I draw the line at duct tape.

On to the shirts and coats. One of the shirts that I just couldn't part with is leaving my closet. I don't like the shirt, it just has a memory attached to it. Back in 1984, I was home on leave from the Navy and my grandmother helped me with my laundry. This shirt went missing. I looked everywhere I could think of. At that time, it was one of my favorites. Same thing happened to a pair of shorts. Long story longer, my grandmother "stole" it because it reminded her of me while I was gone. Quite a few years later, I found that shirt and shorts hidden in the basement. We were helping cleaning up a mess from flooding. I will never forget the look on Gram's face when I found those clothes. Deer in the headlight look. That wasn't the first time she'd done that. A few years later when Katie was 2 she gave me a very pretty dress to give to Katie. Come to find out, it was mine from when I was about Katie's age. Gram took it from my mom and let mom think it was gone. Mom paid a lot of money for that little blue dress. I didn't tell mom that Gram had this dress. I had Katie's pictures made of her wearing it. Mom was shocked when it dawned on her that it was my dress. I'm sure if I asked around, my cousins and sister also had clothes come up missing.

Last but not least, the files. I keep every owner's manual possible. Toy manuals that mean nothing. Watch manuals etc. Not anymore. Even receipts. I need to sort through those manuals and receipts at least once a year. My grandfather kept receipts for 40+ years and used lightbulbs. I laughed when I heard that, but now, this hoarding issue is no laughing matter.

Alright folks, I know you have "stuff" that you are hoarding. So while you are laughing at me....think of all the things you are keeping that mean very little. Better yet, who could use this stuff?

I am on a mission to downsize my side of the closet by 1/3. Kevin's on his own with his side. For now.

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