Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Garden

I have to pat myself on the back on the subject of my garden!! *patting*

I actually started this garden about 5 years ago. The first year, I had an abundance of tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers and bell peppers. I made raised beds so I don't have to till it up every year. Year 2-4, my garden became a buffet for the rabbits. I managed to salvage tomatoes. Last year, my hubby built a fence and used very small chicken wire to keep out the bunnies. Success!!! This year we had watermelon, tomatoes (too many), blackberries, cucumbers, chives, cilantro, green beans and squash. I know for a fact, I am only planting 1 squash. I had so much squash, I begged folks to take it off my hands. I didn't realize that squash plants get so big and mine took over 1 section of my raised bed suffocating the bell peppers. So no bell peppers for us this year. I must say that I have about 10 quart baggies with squash in my freezer. Same with the green beans. I was able to make about a gallon of spaghetti sauce. I'll share that recipe a little later. And we ate cherry tomatoes until our lips fell off from so much of the acid in them. Carrots....well, lets just say, those looked obscene and tasted horrible. For as little as those cost, I will buy them at the farmers market. Next year, my blueberries should be ready to produce and I hope to get some pumpkin in too. I am learning a lot about gardening by trial and error. However, fresh food from the garden tastes so much better.

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