Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just not feeling it ....yet

haven't had the energy to pick up exercising since I had the swine flu. It has been over a month and I really don't feel bad about it. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body. Right now I need to catch up on my sleep. I've started my supplements again too. I had a hard time taking my iron, and I felt my energy levels deteriorate.

No matter what, exercise will begin this week. Even if it is just a walk.

As far as weight, I didn't put on a single pound over the holidays. I am thankful for that. I ate moderately and it wasn't that difficult to watch what I was eating. Water, water and more water. I had no problem keeping hydrated. I just wasn't interested in anything to drink besides water and occasionally a cup of hot green tea.

I'm feeling very good today. I put in a lot of sleep hours since Christmas Eve and it was worth it.

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