Thursday, May 26, 2016


It has been a long time since I've posted anything. Time sure can get away from you, and quickly. The last I left off, I was experimenting with different treatments for my cluster headaches and, keeping my UCTD under control. Earlier this year, I was granted a Cefaly device for my clusters through the VA. This device has been a life-saver. I have gone from headaches lasting 6-8 days to lasting 1 difficult day and another day of just being irritated. It is still there, but I am able to function. They symptoms have also changed. If the cluster was going to get me on the right side of my head, my vision would be extremely blurry for 24 hours and then my joints would ache. Now, occasionally I will have achy joints. If the headache is coming on the left side of my head, I would have horrible toothaches, stiff neck, runny nose and a droopy eye. Now, a bit of a toothache. I use the Cefaly every day for 20 minutes. At first it was not a pleasant feeling, but now, I look forward to using my device in the afternoons. I am so happy to have been able to cut back on my meds. I think, some of them gave me slap-back headaches. I haven't thrown up and I haven't missed any work. If you are one that suffers from clusters, check into this device. It has saved my life. No more bed ridden days.
I've even been able to go for 3 mile walks or runs. Not every day, but several days a week. This is where my UCTD comes into play.
Now as far as my UCTD goes, it's going. I had my bi-yearly blood count done in April, and it wasn't the best. I knew before I had that done that my platelets were low. I have been more tired than usual for several months. What I didn't know, was that my white blood cell count had dropped too. So, all you sickies....stay away from me. LOL...
Running with UCTD is a challenge. I start off great. Sometimes I can run and do 3 miles, other times, I run and can only do 1 or 2. I don't quit, but I do walk then. UCTD is an energy zapper, no matter what is going on.

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