Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I have a surprise in the garden today

When I started my garden this spring, I emptied my compost can in one section of my raised bed. Usually all I get from that are some tomato plants. This year, a whole different story. I had several different vine plants, which I later figured out to be butternut squash and watermelon, along with tomatoes.
They took over that raised bed and started traveling up the fence. While I was cleaning up the dead vines yesterday, I found a wonderful surprise~a cantaloupe and a watermelon. They were tangled in with the butternut squash vines. I am so excited about having fresh cantaloupe and watermelon. Now the watermelon looks a little odd, but that shouldn't stop the flavor.
see the itty bitty cantaloupe hiding in the back?

sad looking watermelon

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