Sunday, May 2, 2010

As most of you know, I went home (Pa.) last weekend to see family and one of my dearest friends who is recovering from breast cancer. I was really looking forward to it. Knowing how my kids are when I'm away, and the fact that they are NOT fond of eating out, I prepared several meals and froze them. I'm telling you, I had at least 4 different meals made. Not including the pizza rolls and chicken nuggets that have become a staple for the kids' snacks. I knew my hubby was going to be up to his neck in socccer practice, soccer games, soccer pictures and whatever else these kids threw at him and wouldn't have time to put something together.

After a 450 mile drive, a wonderful dinner with my Mom (she made potato of my favorites) we sat down to enjoy a movie for the evening. This is when the first of 2 phone calls came in. Here's the replay...

Katie.....hi Mom (long, drawn out and melodramatic for effect)

Me...(I'll bite) Hi Katie...what's wrong

Katie...(again practicing her drama queen voice)we had to eat out AGAIN. Twice today. At McDonald's.

Me...(finding this humorous) Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that.

Katie...Dad (getting worried about her skills here, she's too good at this) is sick and made us go through the drive thru. AGAIN.

Me...well, I made several meals and put them in individual containers in the fridge. You could have warmed it up and washed your own dish.

Katie...I didn't know...(sure she did...just didn't want to wash her dish)

Katie...we have to eat out again toooommmmoooorrrrrooooowwwww. (I bet she could win an Academy award on this act.) We have to go to Mexican. The only decent meal we'll have is the meatloaf that you made and froze and that will be for Sunday night.

Me...sorry I can't help you from up here, but there is healthy food in the fridge.

Katie...bye (still dragging out all 900 syllables)

At this point, I thought I'd get at least 24 hours before the tattling phone calls started. Let's just say Katie's a pro at this.


Katie...Hi Mom. (I wonder if she practices this voice before trying it out on me)

Me...what's wrong today?

Katie...we had Subway last night instead of Mexican. At least Dad had them put veggies on my sub. Including tomatoes (Katie can't eat tomatoes).

Me..did you pick them off?


Katie...Dad made Y.O.U.R. meatloaf tonight and all he had to do was warm it up. It wasn't right. He didn't use the gravy you made. But, at least it was you.

Me..I'll be home tomorrow. Have a nice night. Sorry your meatloaf didn't have gravy.

At this point, I'm laughing like a fool. Where did this child come from????


I'm not home 2 hours and I get this one.

Katie....You know we're all sick because dad didn't feed us right and we didn't have enough vitamins in our food?!!

Me...that's not true...Brett was sick last week and he passed it on to you. Your dad did not do this to you. didn't help eating out.

I thought I had planned everything so they would be just fine for 4 days. What I didn't plan on, was Kevin getting sick and not being able to do much more than he did.

As for Brett, I talked to him twice. Anyone that knows him, knows he's not a phone person.

I should plan a weekend away at least once a year.

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